OOHC740 fire and CO detector, neural ASA

  • OOHC740 fire and CO detector, neural ASA

OOHC740 fire and CO detector, neural ASA

  • Код на продукт: OOHC740

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Multi-sensor fire detector consisting of:

●             Point detector

●             Detector dust cap to protect the point detector during the construction phase Function:

●             Functions according to the scattered light principle with two sensors, optical forward and backward scattering

●             Opto-electronic measuring chamber that obstructs disruptive extraneous light but provides excellent detection of both light and dark smoke particles

●             Two additional heat sensors and an additional CO sensor increase the point detector's response behavior and immunity to deceptive phenomena

●             Technical message, ambient supervision: Technical message if the temperature or CO concentration exceeds/falls below the preset limits

●             Functions using an electro-chemical CO cell

●             CO concentration alarm is transmitted to an independent technical CO alarm channel

●             Independent processing of the CO signal for the CO alarm channel and CO signal for fire detection

●             Selectable detection behavior of the CO alarm channel, regardless of ASA parameter sets for fire detection

●             Selectable detection behavior thanks to application-specific ASA parameter sets


●             For early detection of smoldering fires that generate CO

(e.g., mattress fires in homes)

●             Areas with increased CO exposure, e.g., heating rooms, combustion plants, fermentation plants, garages, automotive workshops, animal stalls, chemical laboratories, or production sites

●             For reliable fire detection in an environment with deceptive phenomena

●             Can be used addressed